REALTIME & VR Open Profile

After mastering our expertise in the 4K production pipeline, we are jumping into exciting 360° productions and immersive VR experiences using brand new 3D & VFX tools as well as Unreal Engine technology.

We offer a full service in digital VR production and postproduction.

Consulting and supervision for VR Experiences
Creative direction for VR Experiences
360° Storyboarding
360° Shooting
Stitching, grading and retouching within our stress-tested VFX pipeline
Match-moving and 3D/VFX integration
Photorealistic 360° 3D rendering
Immersive VR with Unreal Engine real-time VR rendering


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INFUSION Open Profile

INFUSION is our in-house creative unit. With INFUSION our clients get the most from our different departments such as art direction, 3D, compositing, motion design and sound, which are merged together as one perfect, powerful team for their projects needs. This workflow generates a highly creative-oriented output within a very productive and efficient production-environment, managed and supervised by our producing team.

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Concept Art Open Profile
INFECTED.OS Open Profile

lets talk about tech

We are not only working on a constant research and development of the newest software, hardware and toolkits, but also creating our own toolsets for our pipelines.

One tool we created is the INFECTED.OS, our in-house production framework for all our artists and producers needs during a complex production. INFECTED.OS displays every step of our production-pipeline and helps creating efficient workflows for bidding, production and until final master delivery.

INFECTED.OS also works as our main brain by organizing our archive, with jobs from even more than 25 years ago.

Within this streamlined environment, we implemented tools such as Wiredrive, Slack or Trello in our workflow to keep up with the growing pace of our clients needs: to create a save, transparent and powerful workflow for every project.